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Welcome to Alex 4 map download site - all Alex 4 maps on one place. To submit a map, please email me at (and include "Alex 4" in the title, so that I don't accidentally delete your mail as spam). Before sending them, please test the final version thoroughly, so as to make sure it can be finished, that you didn't leave anything out, and so on. Please send the maps zipped and include your name or nick and the date somewhere in the text file. If you don't know what Alex 4 is, visit Free Lunch Design homepage; and while you're at it, try other FLD games as well.

Also, you may notice that the e-mails on this page are encoded to protect the authors against spam. On behalf of the authors, I kindly ask you to do the same when entering them somewhere else on the web ('x/AT/', for example). Thanks.

Update (June 14, 06): As a little experiment, I decided to add a guestbook, where you can share your opinions about or difficulties with the maps with others. If it proves to be of any use, I'm going to keep it. You can also discuss Alex 4 on the FLD fora.

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The Cave Levels 10/3/07
Alex's Ultimate 5/29/07
Adamolandia Adamos 05/11/07
Going Back Home Mnisio 05/01/07
The Journey (Updated 08 Feb 08) CRL 03/04/06
CRL Map Packs AlkamarCRL 02/23/07
Mean Green Jaguar 11/05/06
The True Story (Part 1) 08/14/06
Lola's son 2 08/12/06
Romantic Island 05/08/06
Rumble in the Jungle 09/04/05
Going to Glassland 08/26/05
Eternity City 07/28/05
Lola's Son 04/17/05
Alex's Payback 04/14/05
Venitur 1 12/22/04
Eworm's maps 01/12/04
Under the Sea 09/16/04
Saving Lola (Part 2) 05/21/04
Saving Lola (Part 1) 05/16/04
Dominic's maps Dominic Dabish 03/11/04
Escape! 03/04/04
Follow the Star 02/20/04
...and Back Again 12/13/03
stophon4's maps (several packs)
ACME's Revenge luksy 8/4/03
Eureka Eureka 7/23/03
Random Adventures staleknight33 (Vijay Rathinasamy) 7/19/03
Pipeland staleknight33 (Vijay Rathinasamy) 7/19/03
Eco Mission Tom Hebel (blendermax) 8/25/03
Infiltrate and Destroy Zakk / midknight2k3 8/21/03
Fungal Jungle pushplay (Jeffery Grajkowski) 8/18/03
Journey around the World TheDude02 9/1/03
Journey to the Pole 8/30/03
Bob's Revenge Bob XP 8/9/03
Super 1 SupeR Dash 8/6/03
Youm zubzi & sufyan 7/24/03
Zubimap zubzi 7/21/03
Caveman Alex 7/14/03
Ardent Alex 7/11/03
DN Mark's map DN Mark 7/10/03
Super Hard 3 Bob XP 7/13/03
Kwik 2 7/13/03
Super Hard TheDude02 7/12/03
Reckoning 7/9/03
Allegator Adventure Jonas Kyratzes 7/4/03
Alan's 5 Maps Alan
First 2 Levels
Bermuda Triangle